Disruptively sincere

Rants in a box.


UPDATE 2014: I’ve just migrated from Wordpress and decided not to add an external comment system to avoid trackers! I’m still deciding if the site should run open source anonymous analytics. I also want to thank Heinrich Faust and Ruben Schade for their blogs that give me the extra motivation I need to keep writing.

I’m not expecting any one to read all of this (or should I say, this crap) but I can but be thankful if anyone does.

Thank you

I somehow owe you for reading the deep thoughts of my mind I ended up publishing without thinking about it; thoughts which I don’t expect to be very helpful to humanity but which are, if anything else, at least truly sincere.


My email is disrupts at outlook dot com. I’ll be glad to receive comments there and add the conversations to the blog posts!