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Anime Wallpaper!

I never thought I would end up posting wallpapers from someone else when I started the blog. I follow some writers who used to do that and even posted them once a week (such as Heinrich Faust).

There will be a difference, I will only post wallpapers I have actually used and keep for a reasonably long period of time! Let’s say at least a month (an etternety for wallpapers, once you get into the habit of changing them they tend to last less and less).

This time I’ll start with a Kill la Kill, as a follow up from the con

You can find the original in a higher resolution at pixiv.net, and thanks to しょういん who’s the original artist!

What do you think? worth of your background? (it is still occupying mine)

See you soon

I’m still figuring out how to include a link in an image to let you click strait to the original.