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Is a Blog Post Journalism?

Objectivity, Subjectivity or Sincerity

As I already told you, I wish to write to you, or even talk to you. Whenever I hear the word journalism I think about newspapers but from today I will also think about this blog.Yes, I believe it is journalism, in the more intimate form it can have.I can’t imagine this as a novel, nor an essay. And this is why I like the possibilities that the web platform offers: you can answer me or ask me different questions through the comments, or even send mail. But what is the goal of written press? I honestly can’t think of anything else other to tell you what is going on around the world.

With information comes another topic: objectivity. Objectivity in press, is a goal I will not achieve, but not only because of this way of publishing. From the moment I choose those single words and no others I feel I’m being subjective and this is why I won’t try not to be. I don’t think I will ever be able to erase myself from my writings.

And for this reason I decided to change it for sincerity! I’ll sincere to you and explain my thoughts without willing to convince you. Only to tell you how I think and see.

I like to see it as the difference between two classic types of advertising (if we can call such a thing “classic”). They we’re traditionally separated into two categories, informative and persuasive (I won’t count subliminal as a type – being rude it would rather fit into a brainwashing technique). Today the frontier between those two is disappearing as most adds are mixing both strategies. However I like to see my blog an informative add shouting: “this is who I am, like it or not, I won’t judge you”

PD: by the way, I am one of those who think blogs will be the main form of journalism in a few years (leaving press sites at the same position as just another form of publishing); this could be the subject of another post…

Image from angelicagaskell under a CC BY license.