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The Future Is Today! New Tech Released?

We are about to confirm a trend in technology.

Not only a trend, a new way of interacting with computer.

Tomorrow start E3 and today is Apple’s WWDC.

And I expect to see 2 important things:

  • more possibilities in tactile and voice interaction with computers (consoles in E3)
  • the way Apple tries face the fact that hybrid OS are the future

The first one I believe is more to see in long term, with Google Glass which change the concept of computers. That computer is no longer for content creation (like any modern desktop or laptop) nor for content consumption (tablets and smartphones). It is designed to receive and display notifications. That is it’s first goal, but not the only one. Those computerised googles are a new vector for augmented reality.

The second is yet to be seen. Microsoft and Canonical have bet on hybrid software. A software that runs on different architectures and of very different machines (from smartphones to desktops, with tablets and ultra-books as their target) with the same user experience and even share apps with the older desktop only (i386, amd64, ppc or other) OS. Apple has yet to show something similar, and it will, but maybe not tomorrow. Many new tablets have arrived from different manufacturers with Windows 8, even some with Intel Atom processors and removable keyboards (giving them the potential to be used as tablets and netbooks). Apple still has two distinct pieces of software (IOS and Mac OS X) that run on totally different hardware (ARM and amd64). The problem it faces is that it is a hardware manufacturers and no other hardware is allowed to be released with their software (with the exception of a laptop for designers that had a Wacom tactile screen and ran Snow Leopard).

Will we see a change in computer architecture for Apple hardware tomorrow (for computers and tablets alike)? or will they move their IPad to Intel hardware? They could also choose to wait 6 more months to release a very polished user experience.

We will see at 10:00 AM Pacific!

PS: The conference is over, now it is time let you know what I think about it

Image by ©2013 Apple Inc.